So it's been 12 weeks give or take a couple days since I last had sex with my boyfriend (we used a condom) And I had a period after but I'm missing my period this month. Is it possible im pregnant or just overreacting?



Hi anon,

Condoms are 98-percent effective with perfect use at preventing pregnancy and are highly effective at preventing the transmission of STDs. So there would be a low-risk for pregnancy in the situation you described.

Having a period, or multiple periods after engaging in sexual behaviors is a sign someone is not pregnant. But, it depends on when you got your period in relation to having had penile-vaginal sex. It takes up to two weeks  for a pregnancy to begin after a risk for pregnancy. If you period came more than two weeks after having had sex, then it would be a pretty good sign you weren’t pregnant. If it came sooner than that then there might still be a risk for pregnancy. If you’ve had multiple periods between then and now, then there’s a good chance you aren’t pregnant from that time.

Periods can be late for lots of different reasons including stress, a change in eating, sleeping or exercise habits or a change in weight. If you are concerned you can always take a pregnancy test. The most accurate time to take one is if your period is late or skipped. You can take one at home or in a local free or low-cost and confidential clinic near you.

I hope this helps.

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Shag Shop to reopen as an online store – with more, free safer-sex items to be available across campus

The Shag Shop, a sexual health boutique run by Student Health Service since 2005, closed its Student Health clinic location in April 2014. The closure occurred as First Peoples’ House, which is located adjacent to the Shag Shop, did not have a fully accessible entrance. The old Shag Shop space is currently being restructured to allow for a new entrance, with construction slated to end in October. This has left the Shag Shop without a physical space. Despite joint widespread efforts to find a new physical location, with space on McGill campus at such a premium, no alternative location has been found. As a centre for sexual, reproductive products and health education, the Shag Shop can’t set up just anywhere; we need a specific site that is accessible and easy to find, but that also allows for our students to feel a sense of privacy and discretion. Such a location could not be found in time to open for August 2014. However, McGill students need not fear that the Shag Shop is gone for good. As a solution, we are opening our products up for online sale. Lubricants, sustainable menstrual products, pregnancy tests,  and alternative contraceptive methods will all be available to order online, with an opening launch planned for later in the fall 2014.  

In addition, a variety of free safer-sex items, including condoms and lube, will be made available across campus in participating locations as of September 1st. These locations include Dave’s Store (Bronfman basement), Macdonald Campus Student Services (Centennial Centre), Thomson House (main floor washrooms), the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (Brown Building, suite 2100), and Student Health Service (Brown Building, suite 3300). Students living in residence also will continue to have access to free safer sex items through their floor fellows.

All further information and questions on this matter can be directed to Amanda Unruh, Health Promotion Coordinator in Student Health Service. Contact by email at or by phone at 514-398-2087.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and continued support of our services.

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